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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 564


War Tanker

Critical Music

For us, Chimpo and Sam Binga are two of the best the scene has to offer — they understand the sound of now. Get them together and you’re in for a sweet treat. This EP is wonderful — for a start, the artwork for this release is based on the pink and lilac hues and typography of everyone's favourite perfume-flavoured sweets; Palma Violets. Secondly, the music is contagious — dark distorted basslines and energetic 16bit game elements. Too. Much. Fun.

Alix Perez


1985 Music

For the last few outings we’ve listened to Alix very successfully experiment in the halftime realm, but for this release he moves back into bpms more synonymous with d&b — and we’re right back in the beautifully haunting territory that Perez is synonymous with. Tight, crisp snares are paired with gorgeously melancholic piano chords and soft enthral pads, but a darker more sinister tone creeps in from the deep, understated bass.




Commix re-entered the scene with 'Generation EP 1', which was a collection of new material and unreleased classic material. Here we get a new-found sense of what Commix means today, with an entire EP of new work. 'Freefall' has an undeniably spiritual vibe and uses a host of sounds which induce relaxing visions of natural environments. There’s still a subtle darkness behind the soft pads, and shuffling drums creating a beautiful balance.

June Miller

'Hide & Seek'

Ram Records

If you didn't make it to 'Let It Roll', this EP should give you a sense of its majesty. June Miller designed the monumental opening ceremony, and now they've released an EP to commemorate the momentous occasion. 'Hide & Seek' takes us on a tumbling journey through futuristic, metallic soundscapes, where out of nowhere you can be thrown down a crazy drop. This is an amazingly theatrical EP and needs to be heard by all. Take us back!




From the first oddly-toned noise, this track will have you hooked. It’s an exquisite amalgamation of dark bass music and intoxicating soul. The drum pattern is continually switching, moving the track into different worlds of influence, while the pulsing bassline remains the constant source of involuntary head-nodding. The track moves into a distinctly un-British piece of d&b and shines a magnificent light on the global spread of jungle.

The Prodigy

'The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company Remix)'

Ram Records

The Prodigy, Bad Company, Ram: three names incredibly respected in the dance music universe, three names we never thought we'd see in a collaborative project, yet the day has come. This track was originally created as a highly exclusive VIP for BC to drop at their Fabric show, and you can hear the intended impact in every pounding beat. The energy synonymous with The Prodigy has been amplified to maximum — it's those evil sounding guitars make this track special. This one needs volume!

Mohican Sun

'Where Did You Go '

Integral Records

Another mysterious name, another name with no faces, no judgements, no preconceptions. Just pure, unadulterated music. And a stunning selection of music it is. The lead track has a cinematic edge, emotion is fraught through each sound, layers building slowly adding narrative before the drop, where we get classic amens, uplifting string and a melancholy vocal. The warmth of the sub brings more beauty to the track — it truly is exquisite work.

Majistrate & Turno

'Worlds End '

Playaz Recordings

Now here's a combo for the jump-up floors. The intro starts with a ridiculously cheesy vocal but then — with a fearsome low growl — tries to warn us of its almighty power. Nothing will prepare you! This is intoxicatingly dirty, full of ear-splitting, power tool-sounding clamour and splodges of distorted bass. Easily one of the best jump-up tracks of the year!