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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 566

DRS feat. Patife & Vangeliez

I Will


Starting off 2017 with a poignant and timely message, inspiring people "to be the solitary light in the dark", DRS slowly walks us through and forces us to confront the modern issues most of us choose to ignore using his trademark, socially concious style. A gorgeous, soft piano-riff and a meltingly warm bass combine for the perfect backdrop to a stunning vocal.


'Badbots (Mindscape Remix)'

Bad Taste Recordings

It’s the first time throughout the entirety of his career that Billion has ever had his tracks remixed. The EP is particularly good, with the highlight for us being the Mindscape remix. It’s as dark, gritty and industrial as ever and keeps the main call-and-answer lead from the original track. There’s an intensely sinister vibe which reminds us of two gigantic other-worldy beings mid momentous battle, but then come these unexpected patches of tranquillity; a juxtaposition which intensifies the whole affair.



Skeleton Recordings

Over the last few years we’ve constantly been impressed with a care and skill come from a little-known outfit known as G.H.O.S.T. One member, under the guise of Sicknote, is showing us what he can do on his own and it’s just as impressive. Starting out as a glowing and sparkling piece, the vibe belongs completely to another world, before the soft and delicate atmosphere takes a sudden and unexpected turn into harder, faster territory.


'Second Chance'

Ish Chat

It has to be said, in our eyes, when these two are making drum and bass they can do no wrong. 'Second Chance' is as smooth, as beautiful and as enchanting as the pair's previous liquid rollers. Full of the raw emotion the boys continue to capture so well, the heart-tugging vocal pleads along over layers of cutting drums, deep-warming subs and enthral pads. If you’re looking for something harder check out the double-A track, ‘Beat Keeps’.



Diffrent Music

We hear grime, however we ware wholeheartedly and very confidently assured that grime it is not. It's ‘d&b influenced by grime or grime at 170’ and that is why it very much should be sitting on this very page. Whatever it is (or is not), it’s certainly power. Raw and completely unrefined, it’s got that feigned air of primitivity; that complex simplicity which serves grime so well. Pounding, aggressive and insanely infectious.

Ulterior Motive feat. Verse

'The Real'

Shogun Audio

A heavy, techy dark, distorted roller, featuring the vocal talents of Pendulum's Verse. Although it certainly is a beastly banger, this track holds a little too much of an uncanny resemblance to the ever-famous modern classic 'Dreadnaught'. Highlight of the EP is the beautiful, soft, old school-influenced ‘Jungle Jam’.


'The Sway'

Critical Music

We guarantee that when you hear this track you’ll be hitting the replay button, instantly and repeatedly. We must of listened to it at least five time in a row. No, really, it really is that good! The vocal has an old school garage vibe, and with its uplifting pads and bright effects it feels like it should be bottled up as liquid, but it has a much darker heart. There’s so much space in this track, which allows you to hear each element perfectly.



Dispatch Recordings

Like a deadly reptile on the prowl, this track slinks by unassumingly, with only the occasional rattle, glitch or cowbell to alert you of its presence, before catching you unaware and unleashing its unexpectedly lethal power. It’s a sharp and gritty stepper, filled with mutated twists which fly flippantly knocking you senseless. Venomous starts off the year with one almighty bite from the Dispatch camp. Be prepared for some serious output this year!


'Walking State'

Dubsoul Recordings

The ticking snare, the soft piano and the soulful vocal of the intro combine to remind us of the legendary Mutt, which of corse can only ever be a wondrous thing, but at the break it all completely changes. The drums pick up a old school jungle patten and the samples used scream of the dark days directly after the acid split. Towards the middle of the track the sounds combine creating something rarely heard but comfortingly familiar. 8.5/10