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Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 572




WHOI! [Please insert block capitals profanity and obscene amount of exclamation marks here] This track is extreme. It’s double gunfingers in your mates head; face-screwing to the point distortion; knee-collapsing, patella-shatteringly extreme. It sounds like Tyke is going to war with your eardrums, with hoards of jets dropping an onslaught of subs. It’s jump-up at its angriest, its dirtiest and its finest, of course complete with cheeky, cheesy spoken sample.



Critical Music

Taking some time out of Ivy Lab, Halogenix delivers the tech-tinged mastery we expect from the artisan. This one is seriously funky, designed to get those heads bobbing. This track has been described as 'future jump-up' by some, we however would put it in the box of 'calm nuero' — full of distortion and twisted sci-fi effects coming from all angles and a slow waving beat pattern. With its constant flips in direction, it's completely entertaining — a triumph of a track!



Celsius Recordings

Celsius Recordings is the little sister of Rotterdam-based Fokuz Recordings. ‘Clockwork’s low-end is fat and ominous, and dominates the majority of the track but twinkles of high piano, smooth sax and soulful vocal bring light and balance. There’s a slightly distorted ‘True Romance’ vibe to this one, which of course we can’t get enough of! As a whole, the EP is varied in style and subgenre and we thoroughly recommend a listen.


'Mad In The Jungle '


Friction prepares for the mad, sticky festival season with a track which is accessible and authentic in equal measures. The d&b gatekeeper says, “I sat down in the studio one afternoon and wanted to write my interpretation of a modern jungle tune and pay homage”. Full of ragga influence from the syncopated beats and occasional siren to Doctor’s patois-flecked vocal, the track is perfect for summer nights. A dancefloor-led crescendo brings the track into 2017.


'Original Silencer'

Dispatch Recordings

We’d got so used to seeing Survival in our front room cooking all sorts of pea that when Masterchef finished, we were starting to need a little fix, so it’s great that we’ve got him back in our lives with this album sampler. ‘Original Silencer 2017’ had an old school flavour brought by a revisit to breaks and samples used on one of his first releases, this is expertly balanced with a more modern pounding pattern and tech influences.


'Say It Again'

Locked Up Music

This is a sumptuously immersive track with the darkest of undercurrents. The intro is extended and seems almost endless, there’s a point where we think the needle’s jumping, then we remember we’re streaming. Then comes the drop and the star of the track, the bassline. It’s almost omnipresent as it moves about under understatedly pulsating drums. It’s so deliciously deep that it could be missed if you weren’t listening on a decent soundsystem.

Redeyes ft SKS & Black Josh

'True Colours '

The North Quarter

Could this quite possibly be the longest EP ever? At nine tracks plus intros, outros and remixes we think yes, it quite possibly could. After a lengthy hiatus Redeyes returns as a more mature, more rounded artist. Listening to this stunningly blissful, subtlety sombre track built around minor piano chords and rolling amens, we can see how ‘True Colours’ fits perfectly into the North Quarter ethos. The layered vocal next to conscious Northern bars take this track to another level.