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Sonic Router

The second EP from the young Dutch producer is everything you'd expect from an artist who likes to delve into thick, gloopy melodic structures, wallowing and splashing about with esoteric abandon. 'Feeel EP' moves on in a delicately progressive fashion, with six tracks infused with deeper melancholy and a clearer maturity and focus than his 'Yard Sale EP' released back in March. Check 'Chopsticks' and 'Feeel' for the standout moments.

Mumdance & Logos

'Genesis EP'

Keysound Recordings

You can always tell the ones that innovate from the ones that emulate. These chaps are firmly in the former camp, I mean, have you heard 'In Reverse PIV'? It's feckin' bonkers. Still, that aside, the rest of the EP is soaked in UK dance music empathy — grime, drum & bass, garage, hardcore — but twisted and mutated into beautiful bastardised formats that vary the musical gene pool, rather than muddying it. Hurrah to that.

Pearson Sound


Hessle Audio

Yes, I'm a massive fan of David Kennedy's production work and yup, it's most definitely been a while since he's committed anything as focused or as pointedly stunted as 'Lola' to vinyl, but it's just the way that he manages time and again to impeccably capture short form ideas as club tools that's really impressive. Like, 'Power Drums' is more of a downer than its title suggests, but it's also the perfect rig tester, built to scrum the fuck down.

Plastic Soul

'I Got It EP'

West Norwood Cassette Library

WNCL head honcho Bob Bhamra teams up with old buddy Paul Bateman to form Plastic Soul, which sounds like a blatant opportunity for them to piss about making badass dance music with plenty of bass, pace and sanctified soul. Tight 4/4 garage skippery provides the foundation across this EP, with plenty of subtle gospel, disco and popcorn soul references throughout. A strong DJ tool if ever I heard one!

Pearson Sound


Hessle Audio

'Lola' is a delicate flower of a track, mincing along at a delicate 116bpms. Only to get showered by a grimy puddle as the juggernaut of 'Starburst' hurtles by at least 17.3 miles an hour over the speed limit, as punchy basslines rage from the Yorkie-chomping, Daily Sport-littered truck cab. Best thing from ole PS in a while.

Mark Pritchard

'Make A Livin''


Retiring Africa Hi-Tech, Harmonic 313 & 33 in favour of his birthing name is a shame really, as they were all pretty good. There are other culprits who should deffo take a leaf from his book of non de plume creation. Still, 'Make A Livin'' is a killer four-tracker from the Antipodes-dwelling beatmaker incorporating high- octane footwork, jungle and an echo of 8-bit wonkery, yet it's the title track that comes through strongest. Solid as ever.


'Misery Is A Communicable Disease'

Liberations Technologies

Dope three-tracker from Vessel here, employing a distorted vision of electronic euphoria whilst clearly clunking about in an avant-garde fashion in his dad's shed. Like.


'Mssingno EP'

Goon Club Allstars

"Make sure you frisk me good, check my panties and my bra" is a regular saying in my bouncer/ doorman repertoire, which therefore makes 'Skeezers' by Mssingno a bona fide anthem. A big, bellsy number with bass reverbing the Right Guard off the bedside table. The rest of this trap-come-grime EP is also worth a listen, with '124th' rounding things off nicely with some darkside screwface action.

Rain City Riot

'Rain Maker EP'

Rain Maker Records

"Stop your grinning and drop your linen" is definitely a classic line for any wannabe Lothario, and got me listening to this tidy EP from newbie Mr RCR, who has decided to debut his first release on his own label. Brave move, you say? Well, Defected and Toolroom aren't far behind. And you can hear why. 'Dim' is a solid, party- starting bumping garage/house groove, 'Your Clothes' is sadly forgettable in comparison, but 'Waiting For Me' rallies quickly with a sleaze-infested electro moocher.


'Rift EP'

Play ME

I can't even find the words to explain what this is? Popstep? OK, how about weak, sickly shite? Now excuse me while I go wash my mouth out.


'SYSTM0 03'

System Music

Flying the flag of the 'original' dubstep sound must be getting a bit lonely for the System boys, but props to them for running the only real dubstep soundsystem left in the UK. But I digress. We skip past the washy 'Mantra', straight to 'Show Me', with its progressive Rhythm & Sound-style dub techno elements, which is actually quite nice. Shame then that the 'Soundman VIP' doesn't really seem to add anything to the original, and 'Asteroids VIP' only gets a bit more "choral".




Something a little more experimental from the 'dyed in the wool' dubstepper. Brooding acidic techno on 'Therapy' and more swaggering syncopated tech on 'Frontline'.

Will Ward



'Violiners' is the joint to absorb here, a wavey, bassy number with delicate synth work and vocal snippets that get the pathos receptors firing.