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Singles - House - Issue 584




Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant is on some blazing form right now, with this from Brazilian producer and Hotflush alumnus Terr, aka Daniela Caldellas, among the most powerful house releases we've heard in some time. 'Neuromancer' is a pulsing voyage into space, a soundtrack anthem with nods to synth legends Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream. It's magnificent. And just when you think things surely can't get any better, 'Multiverse' on the flip arrives to knock your socks off yet again, with more galactic disco vibrations. A mix from Krystal Klear completes a dizzying release.

Lenny Middles v Moodymanc

'Bella Candela EP'

Well Cut Records

Incorrigible firmness from Moodymanc, hooking up with his own 'darker' alter-ego Lenny Middles for this EP on Well Cut. As ever, percussion is the underpinning of tracks such as the epic party starter 'Rantz', where Brazilian rhythms couple consciously with towering piano chords. 'Just Ask' rides on a buoyant, rubberised bassline, while the wild hats and wilder drums ricochet off discordant stabs. Title track 'Bella Candela' is the most understated of the three, a deep dub for the heads.


'Blind Wall EP'

Inner Balance

Parisian producer Meemo turns out for Jorge Caiado's Balance off-shoot, with a stunning display of depth. 'Passage LP' may seem all understated and classy, but there could just as easily be tops off on the dancefloor if dropped at the right time. 'Keep Movin' too, with its understated percussion and sweeping pads, is a wolf in sheep's clothing. On the flip, 'Soma' shuffles its way to early morning glory, while the Black Tone remix ups the tempo, turning a sophisticated groove into something altogether more frisky. A huge release.


'Chi Ci Pensa '

Panick Panick!

Patagonia is the collaboration between Nabuco Records boss Noha and Alex Tea, coming via Italy's fledgling Panick Panick! On this evidence, long may it prosper. A-side 'Chi Ci Pensa' is a moody, unstoppable vocal dub, with old school bleeps and delays skimming a driving loop. On the flip, 'Rimane Senza' rumbles like thunder, a chugging groove just this side of techno, which occasionally drops into purest dream house. It's a thing of deep beauty.


'Could Put EP'

Carpet & Snares

Meandering, freeform house music more akin to jazz from Portuguese producer Berllioz, via Lisbon's Carpets And Snares. Known for his sprawling live sets, and dizzying array of modular synths, this is a masterclass in composition. 'Piége' has warm chords, skipping percussion that won't sit still, and off-centre movie samples. A mix from the legendary Losoul takes things somehow even deeper. Meanwhile, 'Reduction' blends airy pads and abrasive bleeps with perfect balance, while 'Climbdown' uses a simple three chord structure to craft something truly captivating. Irresistible.

Elbee Bad

'Crossing Dimensions'

Thema Recordings

New York's Elbee Bad, aka veteran producer Lamont Booker, turns out some searing heat for Thema Recordings. 'Request Monster' slams those who dare pitch up at the booth with advice for what the DJ should play next. Complete with jazz inflections from pianist Joel Holmes, it's a heavy track for Kenny Dixon Jr fans. 'Crossing Dimensions' is spacious and loose, simple but devastating, ditto the sparse, organ-heavy 'Jami Jam Dubb'd', a driving, late-night weapon. In this game, there are few records you will gladly listen to from the first kick to the last crash. But this is one of them.


'Forest Floor'

Rhythm Section International

LT is 20-year-old Lewis Taylor, making his debut here for Rhythm Section INTL. He's seemingly been a fan of the label since he was still at school. Whatever, he's nailed the sound, making this seem effortless. 'Untitled (Chesney)' has heart-wrenching pianos, and deep, muffled beats. 'Mesoshere' has arps up the yin-yang, an urgent, moody jam, with an unexpected breakbeat. Title track 'Forest Floor' is all pastoral atmosphere, bird sounds and languid jungle breaks. 'North Circular,' an ode to the orbital rave, is perfect. Hats off.

Kornél Kovács

'Metropolis EP'

Unknown To The Unknown

Stunning scenes from the Studio Barnhus co-founder Kornél Kovács, as he makes his debut for London's eminent UTTU, home of the muckiest house music in town. These are large scale jams, from the towering 'Metropolis', a distorted, looped-up groove with syncopated hats and thundering kick, to the rasping, minimal oddness of 'Babasonic'. 'Panda' is the pick of this bunch, however, with weird nods to disco, boogie and New Jersey vibes. Very much worth your time.

Massey & Paulette


Black Riot

Manchester house music maven DJ Paulette has been part of the fabric of the city's club scene since year zero, and here, with Sprechen Music's Chris Massey, she doffs her cap to those women who have given as much back as she has. Over a mucky, burbling 303 bassline, she name checks a wealth of female dance music icons from Smokin' Jo to Cosmo, DJ Heather to Maya Jane Coles, a la Daft Punk's 'Teachers'. On the flip, 'Violins And Things' is actually light on the violins, but heavy on the acid.