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Singles - House - Issue 593

Gerry Read

It'll All Be Over (DJ Koze remix)

Pampa Records

Hurtling headlong towards a terrace/beach/tent near you, this towering anthem combines the dual forces of Bury St Edmonds' singular Gerry Read, alum of Fourth Wave, Aus Music and Clone, and the inimitable DJ Koze, delivered via Koze's ever out-there Pampa stable. Sampling the gospel soul track 'It'll All Be Over' from 1979, by Supreme Jubilees, Koze gives the weirdo original the full Stardust treatment, transforming it into a pulsing, disco-devastating slab of pure, distilled ecstasy. Guitars lick. Chipmunk vocals soar. Towards the end, there may be spontaneous outbreaks of 'air cowbell'. This will be the sound of your summer, if there's any justice whatsoever.

Fred P & Deetron

'Lush Culture EP'

Perpetual Sound

Only two releases in, and Fred P's new Perpetual Sound imprint pulls off a magnificent, intoxicating double-header, with the label boss bringing in the Swiss maestro himself Deetron to sort out the B-side. 'Liquidity' is all crunchy percussion, twinkling bells, pulsing pads, bass slides and assorted bliss. It's a delight. 'Lush Culture' is a driving vibe with textures and pads so lush — as the name would suggest, you want to dive into them. Deetron's 'Sweet Science' has breathy percussion and filtered-out Detroit chord changes that open up with blasts of brass. Very classy.


'Next Generation EP'

Kwench Records

On her own Kwench imprint, Cassy holds court here with her first solo release in almost two years. It was worth the wait. With a nod to the old school, 'Next Generation' boasts sirens, gated pads and rave vocals, but stops pleasingly short of full homage, retaining its own vibe. 'Beat Your Feet' is a call to arms, with taut, tribal toms in a Q&A session with a bulbous pulse of a bassline, while off-beat organ stabs provide the drama. 'Far Too Long' howls out a repetitive, hypnotic vocal in the style of Junior Boys Own in their pomp. Kwality.


'Orwellian EP'

Duke's Distribution

Dan Piu and Lobster Theremin's Grant unite as Camarade for Duke's Distribution, the 'Orwellian' EP being the ominous result. It's not as totalitarian as it sounds. 'Data Fiction' is a lush, busted-up jam, with warming chords and jazzual overtones. 'Newspeak', rather than supressing free thought, drops in smooth 909 vibes, while 'Teleport' is all electro bells and a bouncing bassline. But it's the swelling, moody joy of 'Cctv To The People' that endures, with its rattling hats and synths beamed in from space.


'Panthers On The Roof'


The first salvo from Nuno Dos Santos' SoHaSo spin-off OOSSHA is intense. Pitto, aka Amsterdam's Geurt Kersjes, creates a wall of gathering sound with 'Lepel Jazz', filtered urgency slowly opening out into full-on madness, with dark bassline bleeps underpinning it all (a mix from Prins Thomas is no slouch either). 'I Do The Case With A Chase' builds layers on cacophanous layers, vocals on vocals, trumpets on trumpets, before dropping everything in favour of sweet Afro vocals. It's a startling pivot. As is 'Dum Dum', a heavyweight acid-disco with post-punk-funk credentials number. It's all good.

Alan Dixon ft. Frank Hooker/Maleke O'Ney

'Rise & Shine '

Lumberjacks In Hell

Midnight Riot's Alan Dixon hooks up with Marcel Vogel's Lumberjacks In Hell to bring some sterling gospel-disco-house to holier dancefloors. Ripping up Frank Hooker's 'Rise & Shine', Dixon shoves in a kick to rattle your fillings and the job's a good 'un. Over, Dixon's dub mix of 'Watcha Gonna Do', with vocals from Maleke O'Ney, some feverish pianos and surging bassline, will have tops off in seconds. Vogel's remix goes heavy on the strings and the clavs. Look out.

DJ Lil' John

'Unda Pressure'


Via Damiano von Eckert's AVA. Records comes this vintage vibration from Chicago's DJ Lil' John, aka Lil' Jon Colemann. Originally pressed up in 1994 and 1996 on the veteran Clubhouse and Music Box imprints, title track 'Unda Pressure' arrives unadulterated, timing glitches and all, a genuine, driving old school jam for the ages. 'After Dark' brings the swing, the pads, piano chords and all that good stuff, while 'Feelin' Reel Good', with its synthetic flutes, scattershot drums and high string stabs is an after-party anthem par excellence. Superb.