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Singles - Progressive Big Room - Issue 580


You feat DEMS (Michael Mayer Remix)

Night Time Stories

After the memorable guest appearance Sasha made on Kompakt last year with ‘Out Of Time’, label boss Michael Mayer returns the favour with this excellent remix of Sasha’s single ‘True’, which stands out as one of the more direct examples of Mayer channelling his trance. He takes the melodic flourishes of the original, as well as its flawless falsetto vocals, and weaves in a pulsing bassline, as well as a particularly soaring energy for a record that still clocks in at house tempo. It’s all tuned to fit perfectly into the peak of an extended Michael Mayer set.

Mike Griego


Flow Vinyl

A top-notch progressive pummeller that kicks in at a rollicking pace, which Mike Griego builds with simmering ethereal synths, before upping the ante when he drops a tough bassline into the mix.


'Glide '


The output emerging from the progressive UV offshoot of Aly & Fila’s FSOE label has been uniformly excellent. It’s A&R led by Paul Thomas, who has proved just as adept with searching out tight progressive grooves as he is with producing them himself. This record from Bluum is the perfect example of how a measured build and focused groove can be leveraged for a big melodic payoff, including a punchy breakdown that isn’t allowed to stretch out for too long.


'Quetzal (Light Of Day Mix)'

We Are The Brave

Arriving on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave label, and going down a treat in recent sets of the big boss himself, ‘Quetzal’ sees LEONARDO fashioning dark, gritty deep house atmospherics, which he then allows to be completely swamped by a summery burst of progressive melody that’s eventually heightened further by a ‘90s rave chant. It makes this ‘Light Of Day’ mix ideal for throwing a dash of sunshine into a darker techno set.

ARTBAT & Dino Lenny

'Sand In Your Shoes'


A standout on ARTBAT’s recent smash EP on Diynamic, that sees Dino Lenny joining in the studio for a particularly deep, hypnotic journey. It's frequented with extended buildups throughout its eight+ minute runtime, and is thick with rich, colourful swells of synth.

Marcus Santoro



Melbourne’s Marcus Santoro has shown he’s got a knack for producing those powerful electro-trance stompers that work so well on Enhanced Progressive, though here drops a record with a slightly deeper touch of progressive trance, that has found a fitting home on Ruben de Ronde’s excellent Statement! stable. Its pulsing bassline throb proves again how adept he is at working the tougher grooves into his melodies, of which there are still plenty to go around here.


'Touch Of My Soul'


Antic leaves behind his Journeyman project, which produced sumptuous Anjunadeep tracks such as 'Crash Reel', going solo again with a record that got some early love from Anjuna label bosses Above & Beyond during their 'Deep Set' at the Group Therapy 250 simulcast last year. ‘Touch Of My Soul’ stands out for how it pivots from the vibes of a standard progressive track, throwing a rhythmic curveball with a distinct groove that twists differently from your average four-four arrangement, accompanied by a gorgeous vocal refrain that leads it towards its memorable emotional peak.


'White Gold '


Israeli producer Maydan generally fronts his own Asymmetric label, though here returns to Sudbeat for a particularly epic offering. It’s characterised by a confident and creative approach to its arrangements, and its crisp percussion that eventually gives way to a grandiose explosion of melody at the breakdown. It’s a peak time record with a difference, though you can also check Hernan Cattaneo’s remix if you’d like a more straightforward take on things.


'You (Close)'


Deadmau5 protégé ATTLAS again demonstrates his unique talent for melodic dancefloor music with a twist, on a sonically rich slice of studio ingenuity that’s also imbued with an unusual amount of musicality. While ‘You (Close)’ might see him working with more traditional progressive grooves this time around (plus the kind of straight-up melodic breakdown favoured by his label boss), it takes place among hypnotic synth swirls, intricate percussion and stylish vocal grabs. ATTLAS knows his way around the studio more than your average dance producer.


'You Find'


A luscious progressive record that’s as deep as they come, ‘You Find’ is grounded by a growling bassline and classic prog percussion, which is otherwise soaked to the bone with chilly ambient vibes, mesmerising washes of synth and some particularly haunting distorted vocal work. Enjoy Navar’s vision at its most indulgent with the extended 11-minute mix, featuring an opening stretch of ambience that grows to ebb and flow elegantly over its epic duration.