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Singles - Techno - Issue 561

Bill Converse

Warehouse Invocation

Dark Entries

Following his debut on Dark Entries earlier this year, Converse drops another mesmerising release. There are elements of acid, IDM, electro and noise on this follow up, as the US producer uses the same stream of consciousness approach as before. The title track, which veers from jittery techno into liquid 303s, the muddy rhythms of 'Riverbank' and 'Consulted Acid', a throbbing groove underpinned by sharp percussive shards, all bring this heady technique to vivid life.

London Modular Alliance

'Art EP'


'Wireless' kick-starts this debut release from LMA with a cavernous bass and eerie, nightmarish synths. It's the perfect accompaniment to a 4am drive through silent streets. 'Moonbase' is stripped back and metallic, but also resounds to a powerful bassline, this time dipped in an acid coating. 'Pusher' edges closer to stepping techno, courtesy of a chainmail mesh of metallic percussion, while 'Fallow' ends this largely menacing maiden voyage in dream-like form.


'Bienvenue A Bord'

Bordello A Parigi

Bijou is the work of Belgian producer Ken Dutrieue, who has come up with the perfect summer release. Casting aside the shackles of techno gloom, it sets sail to 'Offshore' and 'La Sirene Avec Des Dauphins', where reflective synths and beautiful, atmospheric melodies prevail. That's not to suggest that 'Bienvenue' is exclusively a head-nodding affair; as the buzzing acid and cymbal crashes of 'Reine Des Plages' and the dark pulses of 'La Maree' demonstrate, Dutrieue knows how to conjure up potent electronic disco.

Mirror Man

'Blood Is Truth'

Bio Rhythm

There’s no information about who is behind this release, but it’s one of this year’s biggest underground records. Combining the power of EBM with the functionality of linear techno, the Leaders of the Wild Hunt version of 'Blood Is Truth' sees a gnawing bass connected to relentless claps and heavy drums. The 'Metaphenethylamine Mix' is more understated, but the cold synth line that rides subtly itself over the juggernaut bass ensures that it has the requisite measure of suspense and force. It’s no surprise then that I-F and Helena Hauff have already championed the release.

Alessandro Adriani


Death of Machines

Alessandro Adriani is best known for running the excellent Mannequin label, but in the past few years has stepped from the shadows to put a spotlight on his own productions. Fittingly, ‘Crow’ launches the Mannequin sub-label, Death of Machines. ‘White Swan’ revolves around a murky rhythm and waves of frazzled percussion that support an eerie synth line. Adriani has handed over his track ‘Crow’ to the like-minded Mick Wills, who doesn’t disappoint with rolling tribal drums and noisy electronic wails. It’s an impressively bleak slice of techno noir.

Project STS

'Hubble Telescope Series Volume 3'

Solar One

Project STS is a collaboration between feted producers The Exaltics and Gerald Donald and is the third and final episode of the 'Hubble Telescope' series. The pair have ostensibly written the music as a tribute to NASA scientists, and this theme fits with the music. From 'Supermassive Black Hole', which does indeed sound like what it must feel like to be sucked backwards towards a dead star, to the woozy electro bass of 'GJ 1214 b' and the spacey electro of 'NGC 253', this release aims for and reaches the stars with effortless ease.

Shinichi Atobe



Recorded during various sessions over the past two decades, the tracks on ‘World’ largely live up to the hype heaped on this reclusive Japanese artist. From the swinging, upbeat house and wide-eyed chords of ‘World 1’ and the heads down, clicky dub techno of ‘World 2’, into the hazy ambience of the intro and the clipped guitar and chimes of ‘World 3’, ‘World’ sees Atobe go completely across the board. While there are a few stumbles — most notably the nondescript ‘World 4’ — it’s not hard to overlook such occasional weaknesses when the overall release is so vivid and colourful.