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5,000 people attend gig in Barcelona as part of coronavirus study

The event took place at the Palau Sant Jordi arena (pictured)

5,000 people attended a gig in Barcelona as part of coronavirus study this weekend.

On Saturday (27th), 5,000 music fans packed into the floor space of Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi 17,000-capacity arena for a concert courtesy of Spanish indie pop band, Love of Lesbian.

The gig was part of a pilot project between the Spanish government and venues, who are assessing if utilising rapid coronavirus testing systems could effectively prevent COVID-19 outbreaks at bigger events.

To attend the show, ticket holders were required to attend a nominated testing centre for a coronavirus test on Saturday. Although the event was non-socially distanced, guests were required to wear face masks throughout the gig.

Elsewhere in Europe last week, Berlin's Senate Department for Culture and Europe announced it would also be trialling indoor events to assess the safety of reopening the city's clubs using antigen testing. Pamela Schobeß, the chairman of the Berlin's Club Commission, previously said the pilot project was "a small but important step to be able to create a perspective for the entire industry again after one year".

Check out a clip from the event via Catalunya Informacío below. 

(Photo via: Palau Saint Jordi)