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A$AP Rocky returns to Sweden to deliver prison-themed performance

It's his first time back in the country since his enforced incarceration earlier this year

A$AP Rocky has played his first show in Sweden since his arrest in the country earlier this year.

The rapper returned to the country just over four months on from his release for an assault charge over the summer to play a show at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe. Last time he was in Sweden, on August 2nd, he was found guilty of assault and handed a suspended sentence, as well as being ordered to pay damages after an altercation involving him, his security and a member of the public.

His time in Swedish prison formed a key theme for the show with it kicking off depicting a group of dancers trying to break free from metal cages. Naturally, many fans saw this part of the show as a direct reference to his time spent in prison over the summer. Later on in the show, A$AP Rocky joked that he felt like an "honouree Swede" following the incident.

The Ericssn Globe show was announced last month, with Rocky committing to donating a portion of profits from the show to FARR, a network of refugee support groups based in Sweden.

He was found guilty of assault in August with the court ruling at the time that the incident was "not of such a serious nature that a prison sentence must be chosen".