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Ableton launch free plugin suite for modular users

The new CV Tools suite of plugs lets users control modular gear directly from the software…

Ableton have launched a new set of plugins called CV Tools. The new devices – which are a free download for Ableton Live 10 Suite users – allow you to control modular equipment by sending CV and Gate signals directly from the output of a compatible soundcard. 

The Toolkit features a bunch of plugins including CV Instrument that's designed to trigger musical notes and synth devices with modulation options and cent-accurate tuning, CV trigger for sequencing modular drums with gate signals, CV Utility for automation curves and various merge and multiply options, Clock In and Out for syncing Live's tempo to external hardware, CV LFO which is fairly self explanatory and more. 

It's not the first time you've been able to control modular equipment directly from a laptop - software like Expert Sleepers and MOTU's Volta already make it possible. It's also not for everyone as you'll need a compatible audio interface, which is one that is dc-coupled. 

Download CV Tools here and find out what new feature is one of Ableton's most important ever here