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AI listening app Aimi adds Soul Clap, Max Cooper, DJ Haus, more

The generative app creates immersive music based on stems provided by artists

Aimi – the AI app that creates endless music that never repeats using stems from producers – has added a new series of artists to its roster. Joining Black Loops, Shanti Celeste, Roska and more are Soul Clap, Man Power, Max Cooper, Big Miz, DJ Haus, Joseph Ashworth and Scuba. The new artists have provided stems to Aimi, whose machine learning algorithm – trained on thousands of hours of electronic music – converts the stems into non-repeating and generative electronic music. 

The concept is said to be an expansion of the humble DJ mix, which is static, repetitive, and always the same. The new tech aims to deliver a new representation of an artist by using their own stems to build something new and never-ending in their likeness. Manpower said of the new app: “It's kind of addictive when you find a new creative outlet. It's like learning a new instrument.”

While free users can access some generative playlists based on themes like ‘Serenity’ and ‘Chill’, if you want to access the artist-driven playlists, you’ll need to subscribe to Aimi+ which will pay royalties to artists involved using blockchain tech and Smart Contracts. For a limited time, you can try it for free. 

Find out more about Aimi here.