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Aimi recruits Black Loops, Shanti Celeste, Roska, more for AI-powered endless listening app

Aimi uses AI to create endless variations of musical stems

Aimi is an app that uses AI to create generative electronic music for different moods such as ‘Serenity’, ‘Chill’, ‘Lounge’ and so on. Now, Aimi+ has teamed up with producers like Black Loops, Cassy, Fred P, Shanti Celeste, Catz ’n’ Dogz, Jimpster, Joseph Ashworth, Roska and more to create an even more realistic and dynamic AI music-making experience that never ends. Using real stems provided by artists, Aimi generates a never-ending mix designed to create something totally new and dynamic with every listen. Listeners can up- for down-vote what they're hearing at any time and the AI will learn their musical preferences. 

DJ, producer, A&R and curator of DJ Kicks, Will Saul teamed up with Aimi on the project and said: "When an artist hears their music being rearranged in real-time by Aimi, it never fails to put a smile on their face. The artists collaborating with Aimi are doing so because they love the results but also because Aimi totally respects their aesthetic and musical DNA."

Aimi used thousands of hours of stems to learn the architecture of electronic music and accurately re-create dynamic mixes and sets for the listener based on the stems provided and its own machine learning technology. 

Aimi president and CEO Edward Balassanian said: "When we launched Aimi over a year ago, we set out to change the way we consume music, moving away from listening to songs to truly experiencing music. We've now taken the next step in not only changing the way we experience music but also empowering artists with a new medium to express their creativity and to engage with their fans."

For now, Aimi+ is invite-only but will be launching as a subscription model later this year, while the free element – Aimi – will continue to offer mood-based generative music. 

Aimi is also revolutionising how AI and generative music is compensated, using the blockchain and smart contracts to pay royalties to artists when their music is used on Aimi, “establishing a new economy that empowers creators to earn money on material that never needs to be considered finished by traditional industry standards.” 

Find out more about Aimi and Aimi+ here.

Aimi is similar to the app Endel, which earlier this year, teamed up with Richie Hawtin to create AI-driven generative music to help listeners focus