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Declan McGlynn
11 July 2022, 14:40

Spitfire Audio releases new free plugin Tape Piano

The freebie is part of their LABS series of instruments

spitfire tape piano

Spitfire Audio has released a new plugin that’s available for free. The plugin is called Tape Piano and is based on a classic upright piano, recorded through some vintage tape machines in order to achieve that saturated, warbled sound that lo-fi piano is famous for. 

The plugin features a ‘variation’ slider that lets users move from “warm and wobbly” to “gritty and unpredictable”. It also features some basic effects like tape looping and echoes and even a magnetic card reader. 

LABS is Spitfire’s free series of audio plugins, and Tape Piano joins a series of instruments you can download from the Spitfire website. You’ll need the Spitfire Audio app to host the instrument, which is also a free download. 

Grab the plugin here and watch the video below to hear it in action.