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April Clare Welsh
14 June 2022, 11:17

This foldable 88-note MIDI keyboard will fit in your backpack

The keyboard can be broken up into sections and is ideal for making music on the move

Piano de Voyage

Piano de Voyage have released a portable 88-note MIDI keyboard that will fit in your backpack.

Designed for travelling, the modular, full-size, piano keyboard can be broken up into sections. It's fitted with a USB-B/MIDI port to work with Mac/PC, iPhone and iPad.

Watch the keyboard in action below. A limited number of Piano de Voyage keyboards are available to purchase from their site. Three models are available: Piano de Voyage 40 Keys Pack (priced at €773), Piano de Voyage 40 Keys Pack (priced at €983), and the Piano de Voyage 88 Keys Pack (priced at €1,193).

Earlier this year, Casio launched two new keyboard products aimed at synthesizing vocals. According to Casio: “The CT-S1000V is the first vocal synthesiser that can literally turn any text — such as song lyrics — into a musical phrase and then ‘sing’ it in full harmony based on any notes played on its keys."

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