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Aluna shares new single, ‘Running Blind’, ahead of new album release: Listen

The new track, a collaboration with Kareen Lomax and Tchami, appears on her upcoming second album 'MYCELiUM', out this Friday

Aluna shares new single, ‘Running Blind’, ahead of new album release: Listen

Aluna has shared a new single, 'Running Blind' ahead of her upcoming second album's release later this week. Listen to the track, featuring Tchami and Kareen Lomax, below. 

In a recent appearance on Zane Lowe's Apple Music show, Aluna described collaborating with Lomax as an "Aha" moment. "I wrote the whole track by myself and I was like, yeah, I like parts of it", she said. "It's good, sure, but it kind of just goes along. I don't really know if this is the right inclination"

"When I met Kareen Lomax, when we were celebrating the Grammy's and Beyonce, and we'd drive around town looking for parties, I was like, this person knows exactly what freedom is in a totally different way to me", Aluna continued. "We're really, really different people and our voices are so different. Not at the time, but the next morning I was like, oh my God. Aha. That's who needs to finish this story."

'Running Blind' is one of many collaborations to come on 'MYCELiUM', out this Friday, 7th July. The tracklist features Jayda G, MK, TSHA, Chris Lake and more.

Aluna also collaborated with Prettyboy D-O and Kooldrink on the June 2022 single 'Nowhere To Hide'. 

In spring 2022, Bruce Tantum caught up with Aluna ahead of the debut of her Noir Fever festival and talked about the industry, society and self. Read the interview here.

Listen to 'Running Blind'.