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Aluna shares open letter to "challenge the 'dance music industry' on its long standing racial inequalities"

"I want all black people to know that the genre of Dance is their heritage"

Aluna shares open letter to "challenge the 'dance music industry' on its long standing racial inequalities".

AlunaGeorge frontwoman, Aluna Francis, who is currently working on solo projects, shared an open letter via Twitter, highlighting the racial injustices and inequalities in the music industry.

Alongside the letter, Aluna wrote that she wanted all black people to "know that the genre of Dance is their heritage and they should feel included and encouraged to create under that banner by expanding the genre to be culturally and racially inclusive."

“As a member of the Black Music Action Coalition and a Black woman in dance music, I need to challenge the ‘dance music industry’ on its long standing racial inequalities,” the letter read “We not only need to give credit to the artists that created the genre, we also need to establish a long-term plan to secure a healthy future for dance music that is culturally and racially inclusive."

"House and Techno were pioneered by Black and Brown LBGTQI people, once creating a safe space of escapsim & healing for those communities," she continued. "Dance music was protest music, liberation from oppression, so it's bitterly ironic for it to be appropriated by the white community, both burying its history and casting out the wider Black artists from a genre their community invented."

"Dance music needs to be progressive and move us into the future, especially right now, as we have globally united in the fight to end racism."

You can see the full letter from Aluna below.