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Amazon unveils AI-powered MIDI keyboard

It can produce a full composition from a single melody

Amazon has launched a new AI-powered compositional tool called the AWS DeepComposer.

The MIDI keyboard, which is set to retail at $99 when it goes on sale soon, can create an entire finished composition from just one inputted melody. 

Users can record a melody using the keyboard and then take their pick from a number of genre models, such as rock, pop, classical and jazz. The keyboard will then complete the composition in whatever style is chosen using the melody.

"No [previous] musical knowledge" is required to use the AWS DeepComposer, according to Amazon. You can find out more about how it works, and have a listen of some of the compositions it can produce, here. You can also watch a video of its unveiling below.

Amazon has been under increasing pressure recently from artists as a result of its cooperation with US immigration services as well as what is seen as increasing infringements on human rights. Over 700 artists, including The Black Madonna, recently signed a letter to boycott events associated with the company.

In September, Amazon Music launched a high-definition streaming service.