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Amsterdam authorities are considering sound limits on festivals in the city centre


Amsterdam's City Council are considering imposing sound restrictions on festivals within Amsterdam city centre, it has been reported.

If the policy passes, festivals would be limited to just 85 decibels for all large-scale events within the city to appease noise-related complaints from local residents.

A spokesman for the council said: "Organizers are now mainly concerned with how the sound sounds on the field. According to the new rules, they will also have to focus on the question of the effect of noise on the environment, and how to minimize the inconvenience.”

Thankfully, many of Amsterdam's best festivals, like this month's Dekmantel and Easter's Oranjebloesem, are just outside the city so likely wouldn't be affected if the policy comes into effect.

The policy does seem to be at odds with the way Amsterdam authorities see dance music and festivals, which in recent years has seen the city become one of Europe's premier clubbing destinations.