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Aphex Twin just uploaded three new tracks to his online store

Two reworks of a 2001 track and a seemingly new track are released...

Aphex Twin has uploaded two new versions of his track ‘Avril 14th’ and a new track ‘Mangle 11’ to his online store for fans to buy.

The original ‘Avril 14th’ was part of his 2001 album ‘Drukqs’, and the two new editions available are a half-speed version, and a reversed speed version, both re-recorded in 2009.

Avril 14th was a two-minute, cutesy piano number, within a typically experimental album from the artist known to the government as Richard James. 

Mangle 11 is very different, a dark techno-jungle hybrid. 

Aphex Twin released one official EP this year, ‘Collapse’ on Warp, after the self-released album ‘Aphex Mt. Fuji 2017’ last year.

This comes after a new range of typically weird Aphex Twin merchandise went on sale only a few weeks ago. 

We went deep into how his first album, ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’ redefined electronic music in a feature here.