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Brian Coney
10 January 2024, 15:39

Apple announces release date for $3,499 augmented reality headset, Vision Pro

“The era of spatial computing has arrived!” said Apple CEO Tim Cook


Apple has announced the release date of its highly-anticipated augmented reality headset, Vision Pro.

Officially unveiled in June last year, the headset - which has a price point of $3,499 (£2,749) - combines augmented and virtual reality and is said to mark "the beginning of a new era for computing". 

Yesterday, Apple revealed that US customers will be given the option to pre-order the device from 19th January with an official sale date of 2nd February in the US. The company is yet to announce any details on the release schedule for the device across the rest of the world.

As the first major new product to be released by the film since the Apple Watch launched in 2015, the mixed reality headset "seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world, while allowing users to stay present and connected to others", according to Apple. It has a two-hour battery life and can be used for everything from watching TV shows and films to using apps and connecting with people via FaceTime.

The headset also features Apple’s first three-dimensional camera, while the visionOS operating system contains an interface that "makes digital content look and feel present in a user’s physical world".

As well as the long-awaited release date, the BBC reports that Apple has also announced the device will have 256GB of storage, clarifying that the headset's eye-tracking technology "can function by monitoring just one dominant eye, for people who do not have full use of both their eyes."

In a post on X, Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “The era of spatial computing has arrived!”

Featuring 'Uncontrollable Urge' by Devo as its soundtrack, check out a new trailer for the Vision Pro below.