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Arcadia’s Spider DJ stage features in school science textbook

The team behind the iconic festival installation said they were "humbled"

Arcadia's iconic Spider DJ stage is now featured in science lessons at UK schools. 

Examination body AQA has included a section on the spectacular installation piece in its physics textbook. This includes reference to the biodiesel that fuels the enormous structure, the 15-strong crew needed to set it up, and details of the electrical wiring used. 

The Arcadia team, which specialises in large-scale, theatrical, and immersive music productions, shared a picture of the book in a Facebook post: 

"Humbled to learn that the Spider is now featured in a Science textbook in schools. Our respect goes out to all of the students who've had a tough year, and we hope you all have a blinding summer." 

Arcadia's Spider, officially named Metamorphosis, has been a prominent fixture at festivals and other events across the world, including Ultra Miami. In 2019 it also launched its own weekender in London to mark 11 years of mind-blowing productions. 

Before the event was cancelled, the team had unveiled plans for a new project at Glastonbury Festival 2020 thanks to a £49,000 grant from Arts Council England. Prior to the pandemic, Arcadia had been a recurring feature at the world-famous event. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the crew has been focusing attention on Natures Spectacular, a new off-grid camp created to help people "reconnect as we emerge out of lockdown".