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Decision taken after tragic deaths at Time Warp Argentina... 

The government of Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, says it will no longer be granting permits for major electronic music festivals in wake of the five deaths at Time Warp Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires' Mayor Horacio Rodriquez Larreta said on Monday that the new measure will be in force until the city's legislature comes up with new laws that will prevent drug abuse during electronic festivals.

On April 15th, five attendees lost their lives at Time Warp Buenos Aires due to drug overdoses, whilst another four attendees were taken ill and treated in hospital.

Buenos Aires has a rich history when it comes to electronic music festivals, Time Warp has been hosting events in the city for the last three years, whilst Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance has been a permanent fixture in the city for a while now.

What the new measure means for the city's future events we're not sure, but with Ultra and Creamfields heading to the city soon we're expecting a decision on their licenses to be announced soon.