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Avicii might be releasing two new EPs by October 2017

Speculation intensifies...

Avicii got much of the dance community talking last week when he teased a comeback release. Now, speculation about a second EP release is intensifying due to Reddit sleuths.

The now deleted image (available below), was of a handwritten note that mentions a title (‘Lord’), track names and alludes to a ‘Part 1’.  The leaker further supported the claims by adding the personal email of Universal Music Sweden’s Lindst Jobke in the thread and stating, “I contacted Lindst personally and he confirmed that the photo comes from a meeting he held with UMSE executives as part of their release agenda for 2017/2018. He is okay with it being shared as Tim has confirmed the track list already.”

The leaker further clarifies that ‘Part 1’ has a provisional release date of 8th September (Avicii’s birthday) with ‘Part 2’ expected to drop sometime in October. Fans can expect singles to begin arriving as early as August.

Avicii nor his team has yet to confirm or deny these leaked details. However, the singles mentioned on the note align with hashtags included on Avicii’s 13th June teaser.

Compare the notes below.