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Behringer reveal Pro-One synth clone will sell for $299

The budget remake is about to enter production...

Behringer is to start mass producing its clone of Sequential Circuits’ Pro-One synthesiser. 

Going on sale at a price of $299, the company announces its plans to put the synth on the market via a Facebook post last week. 

Behringer has teased a number of prototype clones of vintage synths and drum machines in recent years, but the Pro-1, as they’re calling it, is only the second to reach the mass production stage after their remake of the Minimoog, dubbed the Behringer D.

Sequential Circuits manufactured the original Pro-One between 1981 and 1984, with the product offering a more compact and affordable take on the polysynths the company was producing at the time. Original Pro-One synths now fetch over $1000 on the second-hand market. 

Behringer’s model differs from the original in that it has no keyboard and comes with patch points allowing users to connect it to Eurorack modules. 

Last month, Behringer revealed a prototype clone of the 909 drum machine, while they also unveiled a video previewing a clone of the Roland TR-808 over the summer.

Earlier this year, Behringer tried to sue Dave Smith Instruments, the company connected with Sequential Circuits, for defamation over what they claimed were “incorrect and slanderous statements” posted on the music-makers’ forum Gearslutz.