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Belgium's Kompass Klub is reopening after Ghent mayor's closure order is suspended

The club had been ordered to close for four months...

Ghent's Kompass Klub is set to reopen next week.

The club had been ordered to close for four months earlier this month by Ghent mayor Mathias De Clercq over what he called "repeated illegal drug-related activity". The club responded when the closure was ordered saying that the decision was "completely out of proportion". 

Earlier this week though, Kompass Klub shared a statement on Facebook, saying that the Belgian Council Of State had "suspended the administrative measure" by De Clercq meaning that the club could reopen. 

The reopening is set for Friday, April 5th. The venue said that, "In the meantime, we hope to use this extra time to have a constructive meeting with the mayor, Mathias De Clercq, to make it a positive story for Stad Gent."