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That’s Christmas sorted then…

Berghain Ze Game, the card game based around letting the right people into the legendary Berlin techno club that we revealed last month, is now on sale and will ship in time for Christmas if the Kickstarter goal is met.

The PnP (print-n-play) earlybird version of the game costs just £1.60 (18SEK), whilst the physical version ships for £13.60 (155SEK), via Berghain Ze Game’s Kickstarter page.

Speaking about the game, its creators said, “We wanted to make a gateway game that both non-gamers and game night veterans can enjoy. It’s a light filler game that mixes strategy and luck.”

Exactly how the game will work still hasn’t been revealed, but posts to the Instagram account for Berghain Ze Game has revealed there will be action cards and guest cards, as well as the inclusion of “the most powerful man in Germany” – who we presume is the venue’s doorman, Sven Marquardt.