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Now you can be Sven for the night…

A Kickstarter is set to launch for Berghain Ze Game, a card game based around letting the right people into the legendary Berlin techno club.

Exactly how the game will work still hasn’t been revealed, but over the past week, posts to the Instagram account for Berghain Ze Game has revealed there will be action cards and guest cards, as well as the inclusion of “the most powerful man in Germany” – who we presume is the venue’s legendary doorman, Sven Marquardt.

The game’s revealed characters include “leather daddy” (who seems to be worth five points), “tourist” (minus two points) and “fag hag” (three points). You can watch a teaser video for the game below.

BBC World Service recently produced a four-minute radio clip about Berghain, which discussed the club’s stringent door policy, fetishist history and how, whatever you do, you shouldn't clap when the DJ finishes.

The legendary Berlin venue also recently won a long court battle to be recognised as a cultural space, meaning instead of the usual 19% tax, it only has to pay 7% as with other attractions such as musuems, theatres and concert halls.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.