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Berlin Club Commission hosting European Club Night on 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall

Arma, Dalston Superstore, PIP and ZBD are among the crews involved... 

Berlin Club Commission is hosting a European Club Night on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. 

The momentous and fittingly celebratory event is set for Saturday 9th November, and will feature crews from more than 27 nations taking over venues across the city.

This includes Poland's Jasna1 at Griessmuehle, Belgian collective meakusma at arkaoda, ZBD of Lisbon taking over Acud Macht NEU, PIP relocating from Netherlands to Zur Klappe, Russian institution Arma joining Mutabor at Hoppetosse and Club der Visionaere, the latter now reopened after suffering fire damage over the summer, and the UK's Dalston Superstore at Südblock.

Other countries represented include Georgia, Norway, Slovakia, Denmark, Spain, Hungary and Croatia, with venues such as KaterBlau, Prince Charles, Arena Club and Tresor all involved.  

The Facebook event page reads: 

"Today we take for granted the ability, as Europeans, to travel, work and celebrate together freely. Yet across the globe, military conflicts continue whilst repressed and marginalized groups are further limited by ingrained systems and immigration policies that stifle these communities freedom of movement. The European Club Night gives us the opportunity to come together."

The Club Commission is drawing up a Club Culture Manifesto which participating partners must sign up to. Head to the official website for full details.