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Brian Coney
5 October 2022, 18:00

Bicep release new single, ‘Water’: Listen

The track has been a staple in the duo’s live festival sets this summer


Bicep have dropped a new single, 'Water'. Listen to it below.

Featuring vocals from regular collaborator Clara La San, the Ninja Tune-released track has regularly cropped up in the London-based Belfast-born duo's festival appearances this summer, including Creamfields and Glastonbury.

Coming ahead of two back-to-back Alexandra Palace shows on 2nd and 3rd of December, the single marks the duo's first brand new music since the release of their second album, 'Isles', last year. Back in June, they released 'Mele (II)', a rework of 'Meli (I)' from 'Isles'.

'Water' also comes backed with a B-side, 'Waterfall', which is an earlier instrumental version of the A-side.

“We always like to be fluid with ideas and never stick to one direction," said the duo, comprising Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar. "When we play live we develop tracks and constantly tweak and change elements and like to employ that process in the studio too."

"We work with Clara (La San) a lot and even from the early 'Waterfall' demos we had vocal sounding pads in there which we had in mind for her to sing along with," they added. "Both“ 'Water' and 'Waterfall' have the same spine, but have two totally different directions in terms of how they finished up. It’s a common thing in the studio to start on one demo and go in different directions but end up liking both and not knowing which to choose.”

“We like both directions and think some people will like one over the other. When we ran the blog from time to time we would find original demos of famous songs released in the past and ended up preferring those. Sometimes the rawness in the original idea is nice to hear and can end up being appreciated in a totally different way.”

Stream 'Water' here and listen below. 

Photo credit: Sam Mulvey