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The Black Madonna on EDM: ‘Being jaded is lame’

Her time on Holy Ship 2019 inspired an epiphany about the EDM scene...

The Black Madonna has taken to Twitter to reflect on her changing attitude to EDM following her time playing Florida's Holy Ship festival.

“I used to hate EDM and I still really don’t care for the music,” she admitted. “But... I remember something Carl Cox said about how he was fine with EDM because it’s basically an entry point for young people in dance and how those people will stick around, the implication being tastes change.”

The DJ, who was our UK mag's cover star last March, famously plays every sound and genre under the sun, and not just in dance music. While she maintains a disinterest in the actual music of EDM, she suggests she understands the scene itself better.

She continued: “And to reiterate, I heard excellent music on this boat. I also heard EDM and it’s not my thing but I respect the diversity of listeners all sharing ideas and supporting each other and exploring new sounds. Remember that?”

TBM, who's also on a personal mission to uncover ticket scammers, concluded the Twitter thread on an optimistic note: "Being jaded is lame. I had a fucking great time on #HolyShip 12 and 13 and to my #Shipfam, thanks for teaching this old dog new tricks and for dancing so hard to disco. Thanks to the whole team who make the boat safe. And thanks for the sweaty hugs. I really needed them."