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The Black Madonna is personally pursuing ticket scammers and reporting them to the police

A whole new way to proactively deal with fraudsters…

The Black Madonna has been tracking down ticket scammers, pretending to want to buy tickets and then handing their details over to police. 

The March 2018 DJ Mag cover star tweeted screenshots of her conversation with the alleged scammer, in which she eventually confronted him, ahead of her show on Sunday night at Lot 613 in Los Angeles.

After pretending to set up a deal, she wrote a suitably savage message to the fraudster: “So my name is Marea. And you might know me as The Black Madonna. This Facebook profile has been ripping off people selling fake tickets to my show all weekend.”

“I put everyone you scammed on the list. So, get this: I’m reporting this info to CashApp and the police for fraud right now. You should be embarrassed for stealing from people who now more than ever need to be around good folks.

“Find a new show to rip off. Do you understand?”

Despite protection for punters being stronger than ever, scammers still operate a sophisticated industry globally, as shown in people buying fake Burning Man tickets before the real tickets had even gone on sale earlier this year.