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Bob Marley's vinyl pressing plant to reopen

Tuff Gong is Jamaica's last vinyl factory...

Bob Marley's vinyl factory Tuff Gong is set to start pressing wax again thanks to a new investment from American company, Sunpress Vinyl.

Founded in Kingston in 1965, today Tuff Gong includes a recording studio, mastering room, pressing plant, stamper room, cassette plant and record shop. The buildings also house offices for the Rita Marley Music, Ghetto Youths International and a booking agency.

Although the company's pressing plant has been out of action for a number of years, the recent boom in vinyl sales peaked the interest of Sunpress, which operates out of the old Florida headquarters of reggae pioneer Joe Gibbs’ Final Vinyl press.

Tuff Gong is set to reopen in the spring following renovations. “Bob Marley’s vision was that of a one stop record production, manufacturing and distribution facility," says Tuff Gong's general manager, Marie Bruce. "The interest in owning music in vinyl format has experienced eight consecutive years of growth, and Tuff Gong is happy to rejoin this movement.”