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“You were awful but we loved you (sorta)”…

Boiler Room has revealed that it has shut the chatroom on its live streams in a series of posts on Twitter, whilst telling viewers they should now comment on their broadcasts via Facebook.

“RIP BR chatroom,” a tweet from their official account said. “You were awful but we loved you (sorta).” You can see both tweets referring to the closure of Boiler Room’s chatroom below.

In June, the broadcaster said they would address toxic commentary in their chatroom after Glaswegian DJ Nightwave suffered sexist abuse.

At the time they addressed the incident on social media, posting, “Talking smack on genres or tech is whatever, lame but par for the course. Misogyny / transphobia / racism / anything else personal is 10000% unacceptable.

“We can’t exist without the internet & (sadly) the internet can’t seem to exist without vile cowardly d*******s. But we're moving quickly to address this... this kind of chatroom shit disgusts us.”

But, speaking to FACT via email last week, host and programmer Gabriel Szatan said, “It’s more of a function switch on the website than a way to eradicate our community. Facebook we have mods now for every show and what blew up with Nightwave has thankfully really abated.

“Facebook Live has seriously taken off, the chatroom dwindled and if felt time to use that space on the site to push the same curious fans to related sets in the new Channel system. All positive at the end of the day.”

Boiler Room also revealed that they are taking the online gig experience to the next level with the launch of the first virtual reality music venue last week (Friday 28th October), which is due to go live in 2017.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here