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This book charts the visual history of Chicago house

It's a thorough snapshot of a timeless scene...

A new 96-page book documenting early Chicago House music has been published.

Out now via Brandon Johnson's Almighty & Insane Books, 'Beyond Heaven: Chicago House Party Flyers From 1983-1989' examines and preserves cultural histories from the city via a collection of flyers and other house music-related ephemera that Johnson was given permission to use by Chicago DJ, Mario "Liv It Up" Luna.

Johnson said, “The graphic elements — from typography to illustration, to the use of printing process with those gradients — all add up to a varied but distinctive aesthetic that visually represents this culture.”

According to Almighty & Insane Books, the book "offers a taste of what many consider to be the best times of their lives, and for others acts as a gateway to one of greatest eras in the history of Chicago music."

The paperback, full-colour book can be purchased for $20.00 here.