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Breakdancing could be an Olympic sport at Paris, 2024

The International Olympic Committee could go 'Wild Style'... 

Breakdancing could be an Olympic sport at the Paris games in 2024, if proposals by the organisers are accepted. 

The art of b-boy and b-girling is among four disciplines that have been put to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for consideration to be included when the French capital plays host to one of the world's foremost athletic competitions. 

It already featured in last year's Youth Olympic Games, which were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Russia's Sergei Chernyshev, AKA 'Bumblebee', and Ramu Kawai of Japan respectively walked away with gold in the male and female finals. Surfing, climbing and skateboarding may also get the nod for Paris as the Games looks to remain relevant, depending on how the ICO votes. A decision must be made by December 2020. 

So far reactions on Twitter have been mixed, with naysayers questioning whether breakdancing, a physically demanding and technically complex form of expression, is really a sport. We'd have to question whether such commentators have watched iconic movies such as 'Wild Style', which showcase the form of dance in all its glory. Netflix subscribers in Italy can check out the movie now, and if that doesn't mean you we've included the trailer below and our top picks for content on the streaming service should be enough to suffice, once you've done with that Fyre Festival flick