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Check out these epic videos of Laroc’s huge refurb: Watch

The perfect setting for a tropical rave...?

Since opening 2 years ago, Laroc has become quickly become one of Brazil's best-kept secrets for open-air tropical clubbing.

An hour drive from Sao Paolo, the club changes up its design every 12 months and has just unveiled its incredible new look.

A fusion of the organic (thanks to the use of a lot of wood) and the futuristic, the new club now boasts huge LED panels, an all-new lighting array and a killer new sound system.

Bringing all that technical wizardry to life is an eye-catching stage designed crafted out of 580 wooden panels and three tons of steel.

The open-air sunset club has everything the modern clubber demands, so there is a big outdoor pool and plenty of hidden bars and terraces, surrounded by lush green forests, to get lost in.

To christen the new improvements, Laroc has organised a feast of house and techno to gorge on over the coming weeks, including Kolsch (4th November), Anna, Adana Twins & Butch (18th November) and Vintage Culture (December 9th).

With the club celebrating its second birthday this month, Laroc is a must for those of you who are looking for the perfect South American tropical rave.

Check out some amazing photos and videos of Laroc's incredible new organic look below and head here for tickets and more information.