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City of Amsterdam pledges €2.2 million to new measures to boost night culture

Alternative venues for night event spaces such as empty tunnels and unused garages are being sought

Outside view of Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Authorities in Amsterdam have announced the implementation of €2.2 million over the next four years to help bolster the city's nighttime culture.

Councillor Touria Meliani said in a press statement that the Dutch capital is under pressure due to a lack of space, rising costs and short-term leases. The city's nightlife plays “a significant role in the renewal of Amsterdam's culture”, Meliani said [via NLTimes], and so investment is crucial.

Among the measures is an initiative to find alternative venues for night event spaces such as empty tunnels, old bomb shelters and unused garages.

Next year those behind the scheme will work alongside the Amsterdam Fonds de Kunst, a fund for culture and arts in the city, to allocate €1.2 million of the total to help young creatives who wish to organise and create nightlife business.

Additionally, there will be a fund for sound insulation to limit noise complaints in residential areas.

Financial support will continue to be issued to the N8BM Foundation, which is a representative and point of contact for the nightlife scene.

Amsterdam has world renowned venues including Paradiso and plays host the annual Amsterdam Dance Event.