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A Covid Nightlife Guide has been published online

A new guidebook for elevating nightlife during difficult times

A Covid Nightlife Guide has been published online.

The brainchild of Morgan Deane, managing partner of 508 Events and founder of Lasher Louis Productions, 'A Light in the Night, Reopening & Operating Nightlife Venues in the Time of Covid-19' is a guide for small nightlife venues reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, and is available for free to support the industry.

With input from other experts across multiple fields including technical solutions, health care, music festivals, and events, the advisory guide is full of information that business owners can use in their own venues, as well as resources to answer questions and help execute plans. The "focus areas" for the guide include preparing the space, guest experience, guest messaging, and governmental affairs, and will be updated with appropriate changes over time.

Speaking about the project, Deane said: “We believe local, independent nightlife is vital to the health and survival of arts and culture. Small venues all over the world are incubating new talent, exciting trends, and remarkable ideas. Still, others are honoring history and maintaining cultural traditions. Some are even doing both... the intention is to offer independents some support and a place to start. It is not a checklist. Rather, it’s our hope that this is the beginning of a global conversation about the value and importance of small, local nightlife and how to keep it alive... Save the Dancefloor”

You can read the full guide here.

Earlier this week, the Scottish government has announced a £2.2 million package to support small venues amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In May, members of the Event Safety Alliance released a 29-page guide for reopening music venues in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.