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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
13 October 2022, 14:51

Martyn’s 3024 label announces new compilation series featuring artists from mentoring programme

The compilation features music from Guava, Chhabb, Karistocat, Klont, Agôn and more

Martyn 3024 Everything Merged

Martyn's 3024 label has announced a new compilation series featuring artists from its mentoring programme. 'Everything Merged Vol.1' will arrive on Friday 4th November, and you can listen to Guava's 'Believe In U' below. 

The 14-track compilation features percussion-heavy club works by Solair, Klont, Adam 2 and No Sir, '90s garage and rave-influenced outings by Agôn, Karistocat and Noise Casino, and deeper cuts from Chhabb, MarceauxMarceaux and The Exhausted. Contributions come from artists from around the world, including India, Colombia, Slovenia, and the U.S.

This is the second run of compilations born from 3024's activities during the pandemic, the first being 'It Was Always There', which featured tracks from the likes of Sobolik and CCL. The roots of both lie in the online community established so artists could exchange ideas and stay connected when lockdowns closed clubs and cancelled face-to-face opportunities. Membership grew into a far-reaching network, spanning genres and continents, allowing people to share knowledge, learn and provide each other with support. 

This process led Martyn and 3024 partner Jeroen Erosie to consider the role of a record label, and ask questions about the type of value such endeavours can create, and whether they themselves were still interested in putting out records in the usual channels, or if a label should instead act as a centrepiece for a range of community activities, allowing digital and physical efforts to come together. 

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