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Christian Eede
23 April 2024, 17:34

Martyn compiles his "UK-inspired dance music" from 2005-2015 on new release, 'Through Lines'

It features classics such as 'Vancouver' and his remix of TRG's 'Broken Heart'

Martyn compiles his "UK inspired dance music" from 2005-2015 on new release, 'Through Lines'

Martyn has collected some of his "UK-inspired" club tracks originally released between 2005 and 2015 for a new compilation, 'Through Lines'.

Set for release through his own 3024 label on 10th May, the compilation will be available digitally and on vinyl. An additional limited-edition vinyl set will come with a booklet featuring essays written by Martyn with musings about music inspired by the tracks on 'Through Lines'.

All of the cuts on the compilation have been specially remastered for this updated release, with the tracks featured drawing on drum & bass, dubstep, UK garage and other UK club sounds.

Tracks like 'Mega Drive Generation' (originally released by Hyperdub in 2009), 'Vancouver' (featured on 3024's second-ever release in 2008) and Martyn's remix of TRG's 'Broken Heart' (put out by Hessle Audio in 2008) appear on the compilation, alongside some lesser-known material from the Dutch producer's discography.

You can pre-order 'Through Lines' via Bandcamp here, and listen to album tracks 'Broken' and 'Virgo' below.

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