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Deadmau5 produces R&B singer BoMason’s Album

The EDM superstar is a man of his word…

Picture this: one minute you’re BoMason, an R&B producer of little renown who makes beats with your brother. The next, you’re rubbing shoulders with deadmau5, a bonafide superstar who’ll be producing your debut album. Let us fill in the gaps for you if we may... 

Some time ago, New Jersey singer-songwriter BoMason attracted the attention of the Mau5 online, who quickly fell for his productions on Soundcloud and Spotify. Deadmau5 - always a man who’s quick to promote new talent - urged his legions of followers to check out BoMason’s music, even promising them he'd produce a full-length album with him if BoMason managed to nab 1 million plays.

Suffice to say, that’s exactly what happened, and so it is that the Mau5 is keeping good on his promise, even flying BoMason to his famed mau5trap studios in Canada as the two get down to business. 

BoMason, it should be noted, is not your typical deadmau5 collaborator, so it’s a move that should yield interesting results for both parties. 

It’s been a busy past while for deadmau5, who even found time recently to raise $15,000 for a children’s hospital charity during a recent live stream. Mau5, we salute you!