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Denon’s new generation of DJ players now support rekordbox

Pioneer’s widely adopted standard comes to the SC5000 Prime...

Denon’s much-lauded next generation of DJ media players have added rekordbox support top their long list of features. The twice DJ Mag Tech award winners, v1.0.3 of the Denon SC5000 Prime “automatically and elegantly” converts hot-cues, playlists and saved loops from either the rekordbox software or anything saved on-the-fly during a set.

It’s a big step for Denon whose new players have been widely praised, but were surely dismissed by those who’d invested significant time and effort in ‘rekordboxing’. It’s unclear whether Denon’s parent company InMusic licensed the technology or if it’s a custom ‘hack’ but either way, it’s an interesting move from the first challenger to Pioneer’s crown in over a decade. 

The update is available now and the SC5000 Prime is priced at $1,899.