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Derrick Carter is selling his studio gear including a 909, 303, DX7 and Minimoog

The house legend is selling his kit through

Derrick Carter is opening a shop, selling some of his classic studio gear, including a 909 played by Jeff Mills, a pristine 303 and an MPC3000 refurbished by music tech legend Bruce Forat. 

Of the sale, Carter said, "I want my life to be less cluttered, less incidental, less interstitial, just more intuitive to who I am now." The sale features a TR-909 drum machine used by Jeff Mills: “a promoter who was putting together a rave and had Jeff Mills on his line up and I guess Jeff Mills needed a 909 for his performance and I let him borrow mine. So it's my 909 that Jeff Mills also played on for a live show."

Other kit includes outboard EQs, compressors and rare synths. The shop will launch on Sept 30th and feature over 100 pieces of equipment from Carter’s studio. Find out more here