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Disco FM is the "must-have app for all the crate diggers and vinyl record collectors"

It's currently only available for iOS devices...

An iOS app with record diggers in mind called Disco FM has been launched.

It's described as the "must-have app for all the crate diggers and vinyl record collectors," and is designed to give people searching through records in shops an easy way to access audio clips of the vinyl in front of them.

In order to access a record's information through the app, a digger simply needs to scan a picture of a record's barcode, or alternatively enter its name or catalogue number. The app will then show a full tracklist for said record, as well as any available audio clips either through YouTube or iTunes. 

While this service may sound similar to that of Discogs - the information used by Disco FM is generated from Discogs' database for example - the app aims to offset Discogs' mobile app's current rule of only providing clips from YouTube videos uploaded by users of the online marketplace.

You can watch a promo video below and download it here via the App Store. 

A recent DJ Mag investigation revealed the extent of Discogs scalpers' attempts to inflate the prices of rare records. Another study late last year found that rare records are only getting more expensive.