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Brian Coney
8 March 2022, 11:56

Dizzee Rascal found guilty of assaulting ex-fiancee

The ruling followed a “chaotic” row at a property in south London in June last year


Content warning: This article contains information relating to assault.

Dizzee Rascal has been found guilty of assaulting his ex-fiancee.

On Monday, 8th March, the award-winning grime artist — real name Dylan Mills — was found guilty of assault against the mother of his two children, Cassandra Jones.

According to a report by the Guardian, Mills denied pressing his forehead against Jones’s forehead and pushing her to the ground during a “chaotic” row at a property in south London on 8th June last year.

The court also heard that Mills “barged” into the property, “banged his head on a fridge three times while holding his son,” and began “screaming and shouting” at Jones and her mother, Dawn Kirk.

At the hearing, 37-year-old Mills denied assault.

Following the verdict, Mills smashed a photographer's camera outside Wimbledon magistrates court. James Manning, who works for PA news agency, said: “He came out of the court. I was taking his picture, just standing still on the corner. He then pushed my camera into my face, which then caused it to fall to the floor, at which point he then picked it up and then threw it across the road.

“He was angry, he came straight out of the door, didn’t say anything, didn’t say anything until the point at which he pushed my camera,” added Manning. “I think he said something like ‘Get away’ or ‘Get out of my face’ or something along those lines. After that he just walked off and I didn’t chase after him or anything like that.”

Mills is set to be sentenced for assault on 8th April.