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DJ Mag China Awards 2022 winners announced

A global celebration of China’s electronic music scene

DJ Mag China Awards 2022 winners announced

The winners from the second edition of the DJ Mag China Awards have been announced. You can see the full breakdown by category below.

Following the continued explosion of electronic music culture in China’s major cities, DJ Mag announced the first DJ Mag China Awards in January 2021.

The DJ Mag China Awards are a chance to celebrate the artists, clubs, and record labels putting its electronic music scene on the map.

The nominations were selected by our team of industry experts — including those at the newly launched DJ Mag China website, and the results are now in. See the full list of winners from the DJ Mag China Awards 2021 below.

Club (North & North East)

1st — One Third (Beijing)
2nd — Miami (Taiyuan)
3rd — Sirteen (Beijing)

Club (South & South Central)

1st — Galame (Foshan)
2nd — Illusion Club (Zhuhai)
3rd — OT Gui (Nanning)

Club (East)

1st — WAN MORE (Shanghai)
2nd — Master (Shanghai)
3rd — Stellar (Xiamen)

Club (North West & South West)

1st — Playhouse (Chengdu)    
2nd — Playhouse (Xi’an)    
3rd — DNA (Chongqing)

Underground Music Club

1st — The Window (Guangzhou)    
2nd — Club Between (Guangzhou)    
3rd — 61NANKIN (Nanjing)

Hip Hop Club

1st — PH (Beijing)    
2nd — INSIDE (Guangzhou)    
3rd — Fresh (Beijing)

DJ of the Year

1st — Panta. Q    
2nd — Giftback    
3rd — KAKA

Producer of the Year

1st — Luminn    
2nd — Chace    
3rd — Aryue

Commercial DJ of the Year

1st — Carta    
2nd — Sanjin    
3rd — Sally

Underground DJ of the Year

1st — Yang Bing    
2nd — Micky Zhang    
3rd — Mansun Lui

Alternative DJ of the Year

1st — Whybeatz    
2nd — Arsenal    
3rd — Anti-General

DJ Group of the Year

1st — BEAUZ    
2nd — Ghost    
3rd — Slaughter House

Record Label of the Year

1st — So Joke    
2nd — Unchained Recordings    
3rd — Pillz