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DJ Rashad to be remembered in commemorative photo book

The 340-page 'On Tour With DJ Rashad' is out next month...

DJ Rashad is to be remembered in a new commemorative photo book.

The Chicago footwork pioneer, who passed away in 2014 aged 34, will be the subject of the 340-page 'On Tour With DJ Rashad'. The book will compile photos by photographer and visual artist Ashes57, taken on tour with Rashad - born Rashad Harden - between 2011 and 2014.

"This book is about my friendship with DJ Rashad," wrote Ashes57 in the preface to the book. "It doesn't cover his entire life, nor his whole music career, nor even all of his tours and DJ shows. The photos in the book are from the time that I spent with Rashad from 2011 to 2014, from the shows he invited me to and the time we spent hanging out in between."

The book is out on May 1st. Pre-order it here.