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Don Diablo announces world’s first full-length concert NFT

The Dutch DJ and producer has been working on the virtual concert for over a year

Don Diablo has announced the first-ever full-concert NFT. The one-hour DJ set combines sci-fi style visuals with 3D rendered sets and will be available to bid on via NFT auction site SuperRare from April 9th. The NFT – titled Destination Hexagonia – also comes in a one-of-a-kind physical USB stick with Don Diablo’s logo which will be shipped to the winning bidder. Of the set, Don said: “We started working on this project last year and the goal was to create a next-level sci-fi inspired live set with a cinematic approach as a unique piece of futuristic art.”

While the video is being sold as an NFT – a file that exists on the blockchain and holds information about ownership and other metadata – once it’s sold it could still end up being distributed on YouTube or any other video hosting platform, though Don Diablo hasn’t committed to letting anyone watch the video once the auction is over. 

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View and bid on Don Diablo’s auction on SuperRare starting April 9th.