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Christian Eede
3 November 2022, 17:04

Eden Samara releases debut album, 'Rough Night', on Local Action

It features production from Call Super, Shanti Celeste and more

Eden Samara releases debut album, 'Rough Night', on Local Action

Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Eden Samara has released her debut album, 'Rough Night'.

Out this week through Local Action, the eight-track album, which was originally announced early last month, features guest production from the likes of Shanti Celeste, Call Super, Loraine James, TSVI and Peach. It was mostly written by Samara and production partner Ryan Pierre between London and her native Toronto.

Speaking about the album when it was announced, Samara said it "offers eight scenes that through music tells my own ‘coming of age’ story. I think well into our adulthood we still go through cycles of losing ourselves and finding ourselves again, so the album encompasses a cycle of growing pains, then coming out the other end where one might appear the same but inside something has shifted."

She added: "I wanted the album as a whole to sound a bit unpolished, like real people making music with little to no equipment and a lot of heart. It sounds like a bedroom record because it was me figuring out how to engineer, comp and produce and the mistakes that come with learning. You can hear them all in the record and I'm proud of them."

Listen to the album in full below and purchase it via Bandcamp.

Samara has previously contributed vocals to albums by Loraine James and Parris.

The release of 'Rough Night' follows on from other recent albums on Local Action by 96 Back and Ariel Zetina.